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“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto death”
Rev 12:11

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A Life Altar'd

A Life Altar’d is my first published work. It is my testimony. The Bible tells us that we are made overcomers by the word of our testimony. I certainly feel that sharing this work has helped me to overcome fear and past failure. I pray that you find it helpful when it is time to share your testimony.


I went from one bad relationship to another usually landing us back at Granny’s house in between them. The boys were growing up, and I was blind to what my lifestyle was doing to them. I couldn’t see past my own grief to begin to deal with theirs. I was on self-destruct, and there seemed to be no coming back from it. (Continue Reading)

Papa Jones

How do you know you are called? How do I maintain the covenant I made with my eyes? What is the secret to a happy marriage? Why is fishing so important?

Travel through time with Kamden as he learns the answer to these and many other question from the stories and teaching of his beloved Papa Jones. Kamden navigates the challenging storms of life anchored to the Lord. He learns to weather every season by adhering to the Word and staying connected to God. 


You know who you are, but does your level of submission equal what you know to be true in your heart? Are you walking what you profess to live? I am asking these questions so you will begin to examine yourself and your actions in light of what you feel. (Continue Reading)

Truckers Wife Life

Truckers Wife Life will highlight our adventures from the open road over the last few years. It will be full of photos of our beautiful country. 


Two adults living in a space the size of most people’s closets twenty four hours a day; that is the beauty of this journey. It wasn’t always kisses and roses; smiles and singing. There were some real adjustments that had to be made. We both learned more about ourselves and each other in two years than most couples do in a lifetime. There are no distractions of work, kids, home, church, etc. It is just the two of you all day, every day, out there on the road. (Continue Reading)

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